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How to wear it ...... Rosie !

  An abundance of bubbles were blown last weekend by jewellery loving Gardeners at The Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party. An extra special visitor who's acquaintance i am especially pleased to have made is Rosie, the beautiful lady pictured. Rosie is rocking my solid sterling silver Bubbles necklace with a gorgeous sequined gown. She looks completely stunning, i am sure you'll agree, but, the story of this dress goes deeper than beauty alone - as it is Rosie's actual wedding dress! I love that Rosie plans on getting as much fun & wear out of her precious vintage sexy ball gown as she can. I also love it that the wedding party thrown by this lovely couple of...

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First look new Claire English jewellery

Here's my new Fledgling Swag necklace charm. This tiny magpie skull has an 8mm smokey quartz jewel securely pinned in its miniature beak. Magpies are dear to me because they are captivating & misunderstood. They can be observed engaging in elaborate social rituals, possibly including the expression of grief. They have also demonstrated mirror self-recognition, the only non-mammal known to possess this capability! Amazingly their total brain to body ratio is only slightly lower than in humans. This and other new jewellery of mine, inspired by things that begin with an M - such as mice and matchsticks, will be shown for the first time at Treasure part of London Jewellery Week next weekend            ...

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New online gallery showcases london design talent

Elizabeth Galton Studio is the new go to place for luxury contemporary jewellery. My designs are available alongside other favourite designers of mine,  Jessica de Lotz, Gisele Ganne, Tomasz Donocik, Momocreatura & William Cheshire. EG Studio is a great place to find beautiful and extraordinary designer jewellery.

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You can now follow me on twitter

I have finally got round to setting up my twitter page. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do but look out for tweets from me sometime soon. Find me here and here!/SpecialJeweller ........ CX

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