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Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet
Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet
Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet
Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet
Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet

Rose Gold Magpie Crossbones Bracelet


English Folk-lore has many tales of Magpies acting as cheeky, thieving, feathered rascals who fly off with prized, sentimental, items of jewellery. By turning the bones of Magpies into jewellery my collections subvert these folk-lore’s by making the Magpies into the jewellery that they would make their loot!

My Rose Gold Vermeil Magpie Bones are cast from actual Magpie bones. I find Magpies endlessly fascinating. Magpies don’t live by the same Darwinian rules as other Corvids, they lead rich & complex lives. One of the most remarkable things that has been discovered about Magpies is that they are the only non-mammal that demonstrates mirror self-recognition! I marvel at their beauty and at their brains and this has inspired my collection.


This design is undeniably a bold, rock ’n’ roll, statement piece. I have chosen the delicate, pretty, subtle tones of 22 carat Rose Gold for this collection to lend a femininity to what has traditionally been quite a masculine motif, the Crossbones.


I believe that with truly great jewellery you are never underdressed for any moment in your life, no matter where you may find yourself. 


These are pieces to wear and treasure every day, everywhere, over a lifetime, heirlooms of the future.


A bespoke personal inscription service is available.

Each piece of Claire English Special Jewellery is lovingly handcrafted to order.


If your purchase is for the bracelet size Extra Small please allow 2 working days delivery time.


For any other size please allow approximately 10 working days for delivery and a specific delivery date will be emailed to you within 24hrs.


Please message me with details of the size you would like. Choose either XS, S, M, L or have a custom size made.


This design is available in custom bespoke bracelet lengths, especially made for you, upon request.


Alternatively please choose from the following sizes:


Extra Small - approximately 16 & ½ cm’s, 6 & ½ inches

Small - approximately 17 & ¾ cm’s, 7 inches

Medium - approximately 19 cm’s, 7 & ½ inches

Large - approximately 20 & ¼ cm’s, 8 inches


This design lends itself to featuring a hand-engraving of a personal message of up to six words.


Should you wish to add a bespoke personal inscription for £25 please email me with details of what you have in mind.


For my bespoke personal inscription service please allow an additional 3-5 working days for delivery.


45mm X 25mm at the widest parts of the crossbones.

Solid Hallmarked Sterling Silver with a substantial coating of durable 22 carat Rose Gold


Chain Bracelet

Extra Small 16 & ½ cm’s, 6 & ½ inches